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Straight Modular Kitchen: A general Straight kitchen design follows a single-wall kitchen layout with a counter space on both sides of the cooking range. Straight Kitchens are essentially meant for a small kitchen area. We can add certain element to a straight kitchen design including storage cabinets above and below. Such straight kitchen designs would provide easy access to kitchen appliances and everyday provisions.

You can fix a linear arrangement of set of drawers and cabinets fixed at the lower level, which are supported by cabinets on top to store crockery and everyday cooking essentials, such an arrangement for any straight kitchen design will match up to meet the needs of any user.

Ideas Kitchens has a number of designer straight kitchen designs, which will provide everything you need. Best suited for the limited space of a studio apartment, the straight kitchen design is an amicable option for a de-cluttered kitchen area which can easily be converted to add a compact dining space.


Closed cabinets above and below the kitchen platform provides any straight kitchen with built-in spaces to house large electrical appliances. Providing enough space to store cutlery and utensils, such straight kitchen layout ensures easy and convenient storage options.


The uniquely designed straight modular kitchen designs from us would demonstrate a lot of creativity in offering different themes and colors when it comes to kitchen designs. Aesthetically designed overhead cabinets ensure that there is place for everything with an advantage of keeping rarely-used kitchen materials out of sight. Straight kitchens are compatible with bachelor pads and studio apartments.


As Ideas Kitchens understands the investment that goes into crafting a kitchen, its meticulous implementation of straight modular kitchen layouts promises utmost satisfaction. Proud of its after sales service, the team of professionals come up with time-tested solutions for every need. Right from the moment you get in touch with us for enquiries, our team of experts is able to guide on what will suit your needs best. Browse through our range of straight kitchen designs and revamp your interiors.

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