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Maintenance and Care for Your Modular Kitchen

The strength and longevity of anything that you purchase depend partly on the quality of the product and the rest on the care that you show towards your purchase while you are using it.
A modular kitchen like any other machine requires some maintenance so that you can keep its function ability to the maximum. These few tips will help you not only in taking out the optimum usage of your kitchen but ways to prolong its utility:-

  • Clean the filters of your chimney
    The air that is sucked through the filters has reminisces of smoke and steam like dust and grease that get stuck in the filters and if they are not cleaned out will hinder the suction capacity of the chimney that you are using. thus it is advisable that the filters of the chimney that can be easily removed are cleaned at least once a month so that it can function to the best of its abilities.
  • The water area of a kitchen
    Thought he aluminium covered panels of the sink area will help in avoiding any rotting but a continuous flow of water on any kind of material can be detrimental thus take care that no faucets under the sink are not leaking. the continuous flow of water may cause the panel to rust and thus lead to breakage if exposure to a flow of water is continuous.
  • Drawers in your kitchens
    the maximum capacity that a modular kitchen drawer can hold is up to 70 kg but when you lean on it when you are trying to access something on a higher or lower level it loosens the channels on which it is running. when any person leans on the drawers the channels on which they are running are bearing a weight that is above their local bearing capacity and thus may lead to the loosening of the fitting and if done continuously may break.
  • Panels of a modular kitchen
    Try and not put a lot of body weight on the panels of the kitchen as well. for instance if you are leaning on an open panel that is on hinges it is not equipped to take your body weight and thus it might hold for a few times but eventually the hinge will be dislocated from its box and you will have to contact your kitchen dealer to get it fixed.

    if these few suggetions are taken into account a modular kitchen

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